There is a common bond between different food service concepts such as Subway, Papa Murphy’s, and our farm-to-table full-service restaurant, Clover, and that bond is what drives Conversion Concepts, Inc. We are dedicated to changing the way our customers eat, one plate at a time, to assure the next generation will eat healthier and better than ours. We believe that Subway sandwiches are a healthy alternative to fast food, Papa Murphy’s is a fresh way to enjoy pizza at home, and Clover continues to demonstrate our core mission in everything they do. The legacy we want to leave for our children is to spend time in the kitchen or find a kitchen which serves fresh ingredients. In an effort to affect as many of our customers as we can, our founder, Scott McCandless, offers a series of culinary classes. These classes are fun and an enjoyable way to gather together and share knowledge. Our restaurant, Clover, also provides several opportunities for date night or getting out with friends to enjoy wine pairings, beer dinners, music events, special event menus, & some of the best service in town. To make reservations or sign up for events, click here.

With over 450 employees and growing, we are constantly striving to create a positive work environment for our dedicated employees and a rewarding experience for our guests! While each concept varies wildly in terms of overall concept, food options, and method of service, they all share a part in our vision to change the way people eat, one plate at a time.